January 23, 2015


This past weekend we moved out of our little newlywed apartment to a new home, and man, am I glad moving weekend is over! Ever since Travis started his new job in September, we knew we'd eventually move further into Orange County, and when I was offered a teaching position last month, things started falling into place. Our new apartment is such an upgrade (hello dishwasher, laundry facilities, and garage), and we feel infinitely blessed by our new space. But, our old Bixby Knolls apartment holds such treasured memories for us. My new husband carried me across the threshold almost 18 months ago, and we settled into married life together. Those walls have seen highs + lows as we learned how to do life together. Many a conversation was had right on the kitchen floor when we knew things had to be talked out. We ate enchiladas after learning Travis had been laid off from his job. We shared homemade pizza and wine on the living room floor after long days apart. In that little space, we prayed for direction and celebrated new jobs for both of us. I spent countless hours at our dining table working on the TPAs and creating lesson plans. We spent evenings with friends, sharing meals + playing board games for hours. Most nights, we cuddled on the couch and marathoned first through Friday Night Lights, then the Office, and lastly all 8 seasons of House. 

Before we started packing everything away, I wanted to capture this little space we called home. Who knows, later on down the road, kids + grandkids might wonder about this place. These photos are exactly as our home was the weekend we started packing - unfussy + simple, but cherished to us. 

Happy weekend, friends! We'll be hanging pictures, shopping for decor, and nesting into our new home, all the while happy + grateful for this life we get to share. God is good, so so good. 

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