March 13, 2014

march goals

oh february, you were a riot. going into it, i knew the month would be nuts, but i don't think i realized just what kind of a toll it would take on us. but again, we learned MILLIONS, and are going to try and do things a little differently from here on out. during february, we seriously evaluated our time (which i shared in this post), and realized we need to leave some space in our schedule. unfortunately, we just had to put our heads down and get through february, because it was just one of those months. our camping trip, winter camp, a trip to san diego - every weekend was basically booked. it was full of fun things, but it left us pretty beat overall. so, lesson learned. all is grace. 

but, february was also full of really great things. we've been connecting more with a group of friends - friends who are also fairly newly married and are also around our age - and it's been SUCH an answer to prayer. Travis turned 24, and i had a whole day's worth of excuses to spoil him and love on him. even though it was a full day of work and classes, we still tried to make it as special as possible! and it RAINED. SO MUCH. with thunder. that was the BEST part. we've also officially committed to Kenya, and Travis is co-leading - i'm so excited about our team, so excited for the opportunity to step outside of our routine and watch God mess us up. 


// submit substitute applications
// complete and submit student teaching application and i'm overwhelmingly blessed with my placement! i will be working with a phenomenal middle school teacher, and the school is just a quick drive around the corner from our house - PTL. 
// send thank you photos to officiates, musicians, and coordinator
// make care packages for the homeless
// sell the Xterra
// dream up and host a birthday bash for my love! (welp, i dreamt it, and that was that) 
// unplug and camp on the beach with T to celebrate 6 months of marriage
// shoot two sessions
// reflect on previous shoots - what worked, what didn't, how can i prepare better? (still working on this!)
// dream up shoot inspirations
// listen more and don't be afraid of silences during conversations
// start a book study with the Young Wives Club
// pray more regularly with T and start our Gospel devotional together (i think we always thought we'd definitely do our devotionals together, but lately, we've slipped into the habit of doing our own quiet times. we're working through separate books, tuning in to various podcasts, meeting up with our guy friends and girl friends, and so far it's really working for us! it's fun to wind down at the end of the day and share what we each learned with each other)
// soak up Winter Camp with my junior high girls. be present. make the most of it.


// cut down on screen time - i want to devote a part of the day to updating FB, blogging, and sharing on instagram, and then i want to be DONE with it. it's become second nature to me to scroll through a feed and fill my brain with the stuff of other people's lives, and i think it's affected how i do life as well. it's a comparison trap for me - "they did that, and it worked out like this for them, so maybe i should try that to" "should i be doing this, doing that?" "i wish i had that, wore that, that my house looked like that" and it's just an unhealthy cycle. instead, i want to use those inbetween moments to just talk to God, acknowledge Him during my day, ask for HIS direction rather than comparing myself to others. so, i'm challenging myself. let's see how it goes. 
// shoot two sessions
// send thank you notes
// practice gratitude - more thankfulness, less complaining.
// sell the Xterra
// make care packages for the homeless
// write & send our mission support letters
// work on finishing house decor: the wall above the couch is STILL bare, and we need something over our bed. i want to finish it all before the family comes to visit in april!

do you have any goals this month? share below - i'd love to hear from you!


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