February 4, 2014

february goals

i have never really been a goal-setter before. it seemed so cliche to me, a little corny. but setting goals really is an effective way to get things done. though i feel like i lost my mojo during the second half of this month (when school started back up again), i'm excited to just make the most of what i've got. even after 22 years of unpredictable life, i still always seem to be surprised when something goes amiss. i resent the change and i desperately try to keep it all together, keep it all under control. but life is full of change, and rather than fearing it, i want to learn how to simply embrace it - like, "today i planned this, this, and this, and then THIS happened and nothing went as planned, and it totally threw my day upside down and now all i want is a glass of wine. but i'm cool with it, because that's life, and i love it." i want to be a lover of change, of messed up plans, of being thrown out of my routine. i want to make the space for God to mess up my day and invite me into what He's really all about. and i want my day to be defined by Him, by how He wants me to love others, love my husband, and use my time, not by my schedule and my lists and my routines.


// submit substitute applications - in progress
// clean wedding dress
// print thank you photos for vendors - most, but not all have been e-mailed and shared! 
// make care packages for the homeless
// pray about joining/creating a small group - we've dubbed it the "young wives club" and i'm so excited to get to know some awesome ladies even more deeply!
// host a game night/worship night - our february is SO slammed, that i think i'm going to make this a march goal instead...
// go home to see Baby Emma (& take newborn photos) - hands down the BEST part of our january!
// organize 2013 photos and back it all up
// create a realistic schedule for the spring semester: office hours, work, errands/chores, school/HW
// sell moped and Xterra and bring the motorcycle down! - Travis officially has is motorcycle (and his license now!) and he could not be more stoked. i'm excited to cruise on the back with my hot hubs!
// shoot two sessions
// begin our devotional through the Gospels - whew, let's be real. we really need to still work on this
// eat more dinners at the table instead of on the couch, watching TV

other exciting things that happened in january? my husband baked for the first time and surprised me with delicious french breakfast puffs on a saturday morning, we invited new friends over for dinner, i rekindled my friendship with the library and have had my nose buried in books for much of the month, and i've been connecting more regularly with my girlfriends (which i'm super thankful for!).


// submit substitute applications
// complete and submit student teaching application
// send thank you photos to officiates, musicians, and coordinator
// make care packages for the homeless
// sell the Xterra
// dream up and host a birthday bash for my love!
// unplug and camp on the beach with T to celebrate 6 months of marriage
// shoot two sessions
// reflect on previous shoots - what worked, what didn't, how can i prepare better?
// dream up shoot inspirations
// listen more and don't be afraid of silences during conversations
// start a book study with the Young Wives Club
// pray more regularly with T and start our Gospel devotional together
// soak up Winter Camp with my junior high girls. be present. make the most of it.

here's to a happy month of love, and reaching our goals!


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