November 9, 2013

cabo san lucas love session // wesley + leslie

almost a year ago, i flew down to lovely cabo san lucas to visit my best friend and spend a few days in her new life. little did i know that during that trip, Travis was picking up an engagement ring and planning our proposal which would take place just a few days after i got home - but that fun memory is for another day! this weekend, is les' birthday weekend, and her sweet husband surprised her with a trip to San Diego, which also included a trip up to the LA area, which means we get to see them tonight! i am so excited to give this girl a real-life birthday hug and spend time with each other and our husbands, which hello, is something our 14-year-old selves always dreamed of doing (we even hoped to be neighbors and share a garden and schedule play dates with our kids, who would love each other and one day grow up and marry each other...we'll see what God still has up his sleeve ;]). either way, thinking of les & wes reminded me of this shoot we took almost a year ago, and i wanted to share a few favorites again...just beacause!

have the BEST weekend, friends! 

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