September 24, 2012

sundays // things are changing

happy monday, friends! i hope you all had a happy weekend, and for us southern californians, that you survived the heat (yet, again - seriously, we're ready for fall). 

yesterday was one of those special sundays - some of it good, some of it just different. about once a month, i get a chance to lead worship during our main service and i absolutely LOVE it - especially when i get to lead with my sweet friend Rachel! it is such a blessing to lead others in music, and it is my heart that God would be glorified through those times and that i would simply become an instrument He uses. we sang the most amazing song yesterday - have you heard David Crowder's new song "After All (Holy)"? oh man, go look it up and listen. i was humming it for the rest of the day. 

church had a sense of anticipation over it yesterday, because just this past week, we received a letter announcing our senior pastor's resignation. after serving as the senior pastor for 20 years and attending Bethany for 31 years, this is a huge change; but, i have a certain peace that God is in control. my heart just grieves along with them as they leave the family they love and know so well and step into new things. but God is good, and He has mighty things in store, i'm sure. my respect for our pastor and his family increased yesterday. he and his wife both showed so much grace and wisdom as they communicated with us and explained their situation. we are so lucky to have served under them for such a long time.

but for the next 6 weeks, we have a few last chances to hear from our pastor, and i am so looking forward to the wisdom and reminders he will impart on us in his last few sundays! yesterday, we continued walking through James and were challenged not to show favoritism - that was convicting. it is easy and feels so comfortable to spend time with people you know. but Jesus was all about loving the unloved. i pray we would all have eyes to see those He would love, and not only those that are easy to love.

i am also grateful to be a part of a church that is so sensitive to God's will and constantly seeks growth. we aren't afraid of change and are led by a team that never makes decisions selfishly, but always in accordance with God's heart. this year has been full of many blows, but we are stronger. if our goal is to love God more deeply and know Him more fully, we cannot be shaken. 

yesterday was not one of those restful sundays, but instead included a lot of church work - continuing to organize the women's retreat and plan this semester was the college leadership team as well. but still, it was so good. i am so thankful to be a part of such a vibrant community and for all of the opportunities God has given me to serve. i can't wait to see what He has in store.

God is good, and i feel good. but there are things in life that really aren't good right now. heavy, tough things. spiritual attack. strained friendships. honesty that needs to happen. i am praying firmly for wisdom and discernment, and for moments of rest in these next few weeks - quiet moments that i will wisely spend with my Jesus. 


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  1. Oh wow! I had no idea that Pastor Greg resigned. God is so faithful and will take you through this church transition.
    To Him be all the glory!