October 4, 2011


tonight, i'm thankful for grace - unconditional, never failing, God grace.

what a blessing it is to know that we can always run to God, no matter how badly we've messed up. what a blessing it is to know that He will always receive us, extend His arms, and embrace us as His children.

how unfathomable is it to think that He only sees us as He created us to be. He looks past the faults, past the mistakes, past the flaws, and sees beauty and perfection.

every day, i'm reminded that i'm only human. i say something stupid, i say something mean. i trip up the stairs (or down - yes, that too), i break something. i spill my coffee or make a fool of myself in front of my friends. i realize that i stink at small talk and care too much about what others think. i struggle to prioritize, don't give God the time or thought He deserves. i stay up too late and regret it in the morning. i eat that piece of cheesecake i shouldn't have. i hurt the ones i love and then beat myself up for it afterwards. i feel like i'm not good enough. i'm not always content in my circumstances. i envy that girl's hair or her fabulous fall outfit. i forget about commitments i've made or don't always follow through. i'm selfish and i'm proud. i'm critical and i'm harsh.

all that, in my mind is true. perhaps they're truths that you see in your life too. but, THIS is God's truth:

you and i, we're perfectly made, not perfect, but perfectly made. we don't mess up, we only grow and learn. our mistakes aren't the end of the world. God created us with flaws and faults, and yet to Him, they're perfect in His design. life is more than the here and now. that thing we said, that we think everyone will hold over us for the rest of time? God's already forgotten it. He won't ever think of it again. your family? it's exactly the way God planned it. the hurts, the challenges, the hardships, they're part of God's plan too. without them, we wouldn't recognize our need for Him; He wouldn't be able to help us, reveal Himself to us, be a part of us. we would shut Him up. maybe we already have.

i'm thankful for simple reminders of love, in each and every way. thankful for passions and interests. thank you for family, both up north and my new family here. i'm thankful that God orchestrates every moment of our lives. it's all part of a puzzle piece, part of a giant production, a beautifully choreographed dance. our only job? simply to dance for God alone.

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