April 12, 2011

oh ihop.

it's one of those frazzled days where the good & the bad are blending into a bunch of nonsense.


i am so thankful for beautiful & encouraging friends. beef, confrontation, personal differences and all, it's only in the love of God that all that can be set aside and healthy, undying friendships form.


road trips are the best. travels down memory lane via 30+ mix cd's only add to the memory. as well as pringles, starbucks, and a healthy dose of idiot drivers.


i'm in love with this boy...


girls = spaghetti. boys = waffle. why can't we just spa-ffle sometimes?


i have an unhealthy addiction to starbucks. like seriously. awful. on the hand though, if ever you want to instantly brighten my day, bring me a white chocolate mocha (no whip please), or a mocha frap (n/w). but i can't drink more than a grande, so don't worry about the venti...& definitely not the trenta - what's with that business anyway? a tall or grande will do. thanks a bunch.


who the heck spends over $200 on pancakes...i mean, if you're going to debit card fraud me, spend my money on something other than pancakes...but thank you for entertaining me in the midst of your moral crisis.


in addition to my starbucks crutch, i'm obsessed with instagram:


postcards will be my new thing. wherever i travel, i will postcard it up, and if you're lucky, i'll actually mail them too...4 for $1? yes please.


today i have successfully ditched 2 out of 4 classes...one to go...to make a day of class skipping and do laundry, or to endure the 2 hour night class? buh.


i love receiving snail mail...so if ever i'm in a terrible terrible funk, a little get well card & some starbs will go a long way. i'm telling you, i'm easy to please ;]

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