April 4, 2010

.adventures in the alps.

day 6 : snow = sleep in, except that simon knocked on the door at 7:45 to tell us we could sleep in. jerk. no boarding today...thank goodness, because my butt needs a break. a walk in the snow into the town of flims. 77 francs and a million pounds of european goodness = success! one more day of boarding and the it's back to L.A. i wish i were headed back home to shingle springs instead...weird feeling: not going home with the family. about 562 pictures so far. gym...or long shower? hm, dilemma. [long shower won]. how will i fit all this chocolate in my suitcase? criss. i will manage. after eights. smarties. haribo. bounty. toblerone. lindt. just missing chocolate easter bunnies. only the hollow kind of course. solid chocolate is too much. two more sleeps and then a long flight back to the states. swiss chicken noodle soup is bomb. germans all blow their noses so loudly. my body is done being in pain...hopefully a successful last day of boarding tomorrow!

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