March 6, 2010

.putting God on the list.

friends. family. school. work. piles of homework. facebook. a good book. an addictive t.v. show. a chick flick. relationships. retail therapy. a killer set of heels. taking pictures. boys. the internet. all of these are just a few of the many, many things in life that vie for our attention each and every day of our life. they are things that consume our lives. they are things that i know consume mine. and yet, they are things that will leave us drained and confused if we use them to fill the place in our heart that can only belong to God. it's something that i have struggled with in the past and continue to struggle with each and every day. i'm a list person. i have a very very clingy relationship with my planner. every morning i write down what i have to get done. and strangely enough, rarely does my list say : spend time with God. it's something that i know i SHOULD do every day, so i assume i will. but i don't. i get up, turn on the computer, take a shower, pick out an outfit, watch the news, and before you know it it's time to go to class and my day has already taken off. and in all that morning time, i completely forgot to spend time with the one Person who has never ever stopped loving me. it's shameful. and i hate to admit it. and it's something i am constantly striving to change. to put God on my to do list and to make Him a priority in my life. i hope to be that person who is so dependent on God that it would be against their very nature to spend a whole day without God. i SHOULD be that person. and i'm incredibly grateful that He hasn't given up on me yet. His patience baffles me, but i won't fight it! and i am oh so thankful for it.

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